These My Jams: Agrimontana Italian Fruit Preserves

I’m kind of a jam freak.  If it can be swirled into unsweetened yogurt, slathered on toast, or paired with cheese, you know I’m there.  Agrimontana’s jams have been on my short-list of favorites since I started working in the wild world of fancy groceries a decade ago.  Founded in 1972 in Piedmont, Italy, Agrimontana has been known to pastry chefs for years as one of the premier sources for candied fruits, and nut pastes (and we stock those too!) However the jams are only found in a handful of boutique specialty food stores around the country.

These preserves are made only when the fruits reach their peak season, using a little bit of lemon juice, and cane sugar from Mauritius.  There are no additional flavors or preservatives.  The end product has wonderful purity of fresh fruit flavor, as well as brilliant colors and textures.  I could (and often do) eat them by the spoonful.  Our first shipment of Agrimontana’s fruit preserves just reached Great Ciao World Headquarters.  We started off with Apricot, Wild Blueberry, Amarene Sour Cherry, Fig, Raspberry, and Strawberry, but many other flavors available by request.

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