Aulente Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Sicily

  • Country of Origin: Italy
  • Region: Sicily
  • Varietals :  Nocellara, Nocilla, Cerezuala
  • Acidity: ~0.20%
  • Flavor profile: Sweet almonds and artichokes
  • Quantity: 500ml Bottle

If i were to paint extra-virgin olive oils with a broad brush, I would say that Italian oils tend to be more grassy and peppery, French are buttery and fruity, and Spanish are a combination of the two: herbaceous , fruity, and a little spicy. Sicilian oils are the boldest of the bunch; many of you are already familiar with Olio Verde, which has the subtlety of a punch in the face.

But as with all things, rules are meant to be broken.  Nunzio Bastone grew up in Sicily, where he helped his grandfather harvest olives for oil.  After a career in banking, he returned to his roots and bought a mill in Northern Sicily near Palermo.  He presses the three varietals of olives separately (20% Nocellara, 20% Nocilla, and 60% Cerezuala) and blends them batch by batch for better flavor and texture.  His oil is a knockout, sweet and almondy with artichokey-butteryness and tickle of black pepper in the finish.  Its not a logical flavor profile for the region, and perhaps that’s why we love it so much.

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