Domestic Bliss: New Organic Farmstead Cheeses from Cascadia Creamery

nce again, we have beautiful new cheeses, made by beautiful people, in a beautiful place; this time hailing from the rural mountains of the Pacific Northwest where unique lava tube formations create the ideal underground aging caves for their handmade cheeses.  Cascadia Creamery came to us by way of a local chef’s recommendation.  He was so adamant that we taste their cheeses, that he had some small pieces shipped to his restaurant from a cheese shop in Portland for us to try.  It is unusual for a upstart cheesemaker to hit it out of the park on their first go-around, but all of the cheeses we tasted from Cascadia Creamery were knockouts.  From the Glacier blue that had the perfect dry minerality of a French Fourme d’Ambert, to the sleeping beauty that tasted just like buttered popcorn, all of them were in pristine condition, each one unique from the rest.  We had some shipped to Great Ciao post-haste, and have been crushing on their cheeses ever since.

A beautiful article was just written about John and Marci Shuman’s creamery in Cheese Connoissour Magazine.  Click here If you would like to read more about their operation.  

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