Ooh La La! Purple Mustard!

In our arsenal of obscure condiments, Moutarde Violette (also known by its less sexy, anglicized moniker: Grape Must Mustard) stands out as one of our all-time favorites.  Our Dijon producer Delouis Fils, based out mustard’s spiritual homeland of Burgundy, makes this unique recipe that hearkens back to the middle-ages.  Grape must left over from wine making (no shortage of that in Burgundy) is slowly cooked down with a handful of warm spices and French mustard seeds, until must is thick and syrupy, and the mustard seeds pop between your teeth.  The appearance and texture is not unlike caviar, but the flavor that is at once smokey, spicy, fruity, and sweet is a thing unto itself.  We love using it to emulsify a balsamic vinaigrette, or slathered on a turkey sandwich, but we’ve seen it used to garnish charcuterie boards and other dishes for a contrasting pop of color and flavor.  Moutarde Violette is available in 200g. and come packed six to a case.

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