Great Ciao

Kañiwa Flour

  • Country of Origin: Peru
  • Region: Quechua
  • Type: Goosefoot flowering plant
  • Flavor profile: Nutty
  • Quantity: 1 # retail 10# bulk
  • Availability: Limited

Kañiwa (pronounced ka-nyi-wa) is a remarkably nutritious grain of the high Andes that has been described as helping to “sustain untold generations of Indians” in one of the world’s most difficult agricultural regions.

This species of goosefoot (flowering plant), similar to Quinoa, is grown in the Andes extreme highland environment where wheat, rye and corn grow unreliably or not at all. It is considered more resistant than any other grain crop to a combination of frost (the region where it is found frost occurs up to nine months of the year), drought, salt, and pests.
Kañiwa Grain is a protein powerhouse, providing a fully balanced meal when paired with vegetables.  It has a fun texture, like popcorn fun, a wonderfully earthy aromatic and toasted nut flavor.

INGREDIENTS:  100% kaniwa grain whole, milled raw or toasted, or puffed. USDA organicFree of GMO, trans fat, sugars, nuts, wheat, soy, casein, dairy, and gluten.

Tasting notes:  Earthy and nutty.