Great Ciao

Mesquite Flour

  • Country of Origin: Peru
  • Region: Quechua
  • Type: Algarrobo tree (mesquite)
  • Flavor profile: Smokey, aromas of clove, cinnamon and coffee
  • Quantity: 1 # retail 5# bulk
  • Availability: Limited

Algarrobo trees grow wildly in large forest areas in the coastal regions of northern Peru, and have been a highly praised source of nutrition for centuries.  The algarrobo (also known as mesquite) pods have the shape and size of a green bean and are yellow or red in color.  The pods are dried and milled, in order to produce mesquite powder.  It is used to sweeten juices and in combination with other flours for baking and cooking.

The sweet mesquite flour can be used as a protein powder, flour in baking, a seasoning to be sprinkled on your favorite foods, a flavorful addition to soups, as an additive in batters for breading fish, or as a flavorful addition to drinks. It is perfect for adding a new dimension of flavor and nutritional value to your favorite baked goods; it can be used in cookies, cereals, and pastries or added to energy bars and granola.

INGREDIENTS – 100% mesquite milled raw.  Organic, no preservatives or additives.  Free of GMO, trans fat, sugars, nuts, wheat, soy, casein, dairy, and gluten.

Tasting notes: Mesquite imparts a warm, sweet, slightly smoky taste on foods while enhancing the flavors of cinnamon, chocolate, caramel, and coffee.