Rolf Beeler

Cheese is Rolf Beelers passion. For 30 years customers have lined up at his market booth in Lucerne, Switzerland. Gastronomy guides like “Gault Millau” as well as the newspapers and magazines praise the quality of his products. The tabloids call him “The Swiss Cheese Pope” or the “Rambo of the Aged Cheese”.

As  maître fromager Rolf Beeler has been promoting high-quality, artisanal cheese making and has created a new consciousness for traditional Swiss hard cheeses.  As a result he has become quite a popular figure in the world of cheese.  In order to accommodate the international clientele, Rolf Beeler introduced his SELECTION ROLF BEELER at the international Slow Food Show “Salone del Gusto” in Torino (Italy) in 1998. He personally selects all the cheeses, and ages them accordingly. The SELECTION ROLF BEELER is also available in Germany, Italy and the United States.

Rolf Beeler is a rather small cheese monger, but he is also kind of a big deal.  He hand selects the cheeses from very small dairies that work for him or with his recipes.  Natural production is a must and all of his cheeses are raw milk cheeses.

Give us a call and try some of these amazing new cheeses!

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