Rush Creek Reserve

This has been a super popular cheese this season.  We just ordered more to satisfy supply.  This cheese is only around for a few months, so get it while you can.

Inspired by the Swiss Vacherin d’Or, this cheese is made from autumnal raw cow’s milk and aged for just 60 days. Each 12-oz. wheel is bound with spruce bark and washed with salt brine.

The Vacherin d’Or is a cheese that takes 25-30 days to make; hence, it cannot be shipped to the United States (as 60 days of aging is required for raw cheese).  Rush Creek like its European ancestor, is made with milk from cows grazing on fall and winter grasses. It is wrapped in spruce bark to hold the shape as it softens, and the bark makes a natural serving container.  This cheese has not won any awards yet, this is only its second year, but we think it will soon catch up with the multiple awards won by Pleasant Ridge Reserve.

Tasting notes:  Not as stinky as Epoisses or Langres, Rush Creek Reserve still has the barnyardy aroma associated with washed rind cheeses, as well as a meaty, slightly smoky flavor that is easy to savor.

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