Great Ciao – Your Source For Wedding “Cake”

Recently, one of our customers tied the knot, and requested our help in designing his wedding cake (pictured above) made entirely from tiered wheels of cheese. Given cheese’s increasing popularity (fat is back baby!) We get more and more requests for chefs and caterers to do wedding cheese “cakes” for themselves or for their customers.

While 25-30 lbs of artisan cheese doesn’t exactly come cheap, it is surprisingly on par with the cost a professionally decorated wedding cake. For turophiles, these cakes not only support farmers and artisan cheesemakers, they also make for delicious leftovers, given that the guests don’t eat everything. A half wheel of Pleasant Ridge Reserve in your fridge is a happy way to start a marriage indeed.

I recommend planning for about 3-5 tiers with the top tier being soft and easily cut-able for the bride and groom. Something old (aged) something new (fresh) something unique (washed or smoked or flavored) and something blue is a good rule of thumb. Finish with a few sprigs of greenery and fresh or dried fruit, and you have a gorgeous and unique showstopper.  We are happy to help you make a diverse selection of cheeses for you or your customer’s special day.


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