Great Ciao

About Us

Great Ciao has been providing chefs and specialty retailers in Minnesota and around the country with artisan produced cheese and other hard to find ingredients since 1995 back when it was near impossible to find good cheese in the upper-Midwest.  In fact, our first air-freight shipment was prompted by a piece of overly funky Taleggio that tasted like a silo full of dirty socks.  After all, we might hale from the pale of civilization, but we had traveled. We had experienced cheese in Italy, and tasted truffles and foie gras from the Perigord.  And we were hungry. So we got some nice folks in Italy pack some chow on an airplane and our dinner got here posthaste. Fresh. That was an inspirational moment.

As a specialty food distributor, Great Ciao is small, focused, and well-suited to bringing together the work of great producers, discerning chefs, and adventurous consumers.  The Great Ciao crew is accustomed to products that come with great stories, have limited availability, and are highly perishable.  We import weekly air-freight shipments of cheese and other vittles directly to Minnesota from around the country and around the world.

To us, it’s just grub – tasty grub. We are happy to help you partake.

Great Ciao only sells to retail and foodservice wholesale accounts and is not licensed to sell to individual consumers. If you fit those criteria and are interested in setting up a wholesale account please review our ordering policies here or click here to download our credit application.