Pistachios are the perfect crop for California’s Central Valley where hot, dry summers and cooler winters provide the perfect growing environment.  Here the Kerman variety is king and this smaller, commercial pistachio is most often what is found on the market. 

At ORANDI Ranch, they grow a larger variety called Arya (aka Aria). With less than 1000 trees of this varietal planted in California bearing much less yield than the Kerman, their harvest is often blended with other varietals of pistachios for market. When we tasted them, we fell in love-they are sweeter, creamier, with a perfect oil content- but we only wanted Arya for our customers! With a little persistence and a tiny bit of cajoling, we convinced them to sort and send us only Aryas. This makes them a little more expensive, but we think they’re worth it!

Orandi pistachio shells split naturally on the trees by the California sunshine (you can actually hear them ‘pop’) and this process is never expedited with artificial means. There are no dyes to enhance the shades, colors, or textures. Each nut is the color we know as “pistachio green” naturally due to its rich amount of the chlorophyll phytonutrient. Fun fact: Pistachios are a desert plant and therefore does not need a lot of irrigation compared to similar crops like almonds. 

Available shelled in 5-pound bags or 30 pound cases.