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Cornish Sea Salt

Imagine walking along the sweeping cliffs of Cornwall with the windswept beach below as the waves of the Atlantic crash against the shoreline……all right, all right, maybe we’ve been watching Netflix too much these days.  Still, that’s pretty much how Tony Fraser,...

Arya Pistachios from California

ARYA PISTACHIOS Pistachios are the perfect crop for California’s Central Valley where hot, dry summers and cooler winters provide the perfect growing environment.  Here the Kerman variety is king and this smaller, commercial pistachio is most often what is found on...

Ferme de Jouvence

Imported from Ferme de Jouvence, translated as “Farm of Rejuventation”, a small farmstead dairy located near Versailles, France, this irresistibly creamy Goat Camembert is tangy with a mild goatiness and a smooth buttery finish.  The cheese is soft but not runny,...

Daddy Sam’s Bar-B-Que Sawce

Daddy Sam's Available in 3 Flavors Way back in 1883, 16-year-old Sam Oglesby got off a stagecoach in Mertzon, Texas, and bought a cowboy hat at the general store. Before long he’d married the pretty young shop clerk who sold it to him and was raising a pack of kids...

Il Porcellino Salumi

How does Great Ciao decide on a new product or a new producer? Ultimately side-by-side tastings that determine how products compare. The decision to bring on Il Porcellino artisan charcuterie was a massive undertaking. This particular blind tasting included 7 American...

Boeren-Goudse Oplegkass Exceptional Gouda

Made by Hugo and Marije van der Poel on their island farm (yes,an island!), then aged by Lindenhoff, we offer truly exceptional Gouda known as Boeren-Goudse Oplegkass. This name means that it is an artisanal aged Gouda made from summer milk sourced only from cows that graze within the Green Heart Region, aged at minimum one year.

Zanzibar Peppercorns

We are smitten with our new Zanzibar Black Peppercorns!
Immediately upon opening the container, the nose is greeted with a bright and fruity aroma. Side-by-side, the comparison is remarkable as other peppercorns smelled acrid and bitter. There is also a dusky, earthy note in the aroma. The fruitiness carries through on the flavor with notes of citrus, then a bit of cocoa and a touch of tropical heat.