Whether you pronounce it G-oo-da, G-ow-da, or H-ow-da (or rattle off all three really fast, just for fun), Gouda is easily one of the world’s most beloved cheeses. At Great Ciao, we love an aged, traditional, raw milk, farmhouse Gouda that boasts a complex flavor profile, and we think you, our customers, will love it too.

Made by Hugo and Marije van der Poel on their island farm (yes,an island!), then aged by Lindenhoff, we offer truly exceptional Gouda known as Boeren-Goudse Oplegkass. This name means that it is an artisanal aged Gouda made from summer milk sourced only from cows that graze within the Green Heart Region, aged at minimum one year.

There are only two farms still making this cheese in the Netherlands and only one distributor in the U.S. that directly imports this cheese: Great Ciao!    

Flavor notes on these aged Goudas include butterscotch-like sweetness, savory notes of whiskey, and a balancing tang with lots of crunchy tyrosine crystals. These are excellent additions to any cheese board.

Also regularly stocked at Great Ciao, the creamy, unctuous Lindenhoff Truffle Gouda. These are younger wheels with flavors of rich fresh cream, butter, and earthy black truffles studded throughout.