In times like these it is nice to say we have new low prices on a product!  Callebaut is a great value; it works well in many applications and is cost effective to boot.  As the authorized distributor for Callebaut in the Midwest, we are able to procure the best price and the highest quality product.

Quality chocolates are determined by many measures: the raw product, the fermentation process, the conching process and the refining process.  Another important determinant is the length of the supply chain and the transparency of that journey.  Many companies buy commodity chocolates and have little concern with the provenance or quality of the product; they are concerned with getting the lowest price and will manipulate whatever they buy to hit their flavor profiles.  The majority of the chocolate we bring from Callebaut is a medium viscosity chocolate though they have a number of different specs available for specialty items, such as ice creams, truffles or ganache.

Knowing your producers and trusting your supply is important with all products, and when you have commodities like chocolate the quality varies dramatically. With Callebaut, one easy way to determine the provenance of your Callebaut is that the domestic comes in a 25# box and the Belgian comes in 22# bags.  The major difference between the domestic and the imported product is the supply chain.  The commodity buyers in the United States are getting a different raw product than they do in Belgium.

Call us for our current lower pricing or if your product is not from Belgium.  Call us for a sample of our imported Callebaut!

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