Coro Artisan Meats

While shopping ingredients to create charcuterie boards, the creators of Coro discovered that the salami market melded into a sea of sameness.  Though classics, it seemed flavor choices were limited to the same old profiles over again. Where was the creativity and amazing flavor complexity that can be found in cheese, chocolate, and wine?

On a mission to change the charcuterie case, Coro first mastered the art of old world salami and then began tweaking these classics to create innovative flavors.  Classic Italian Finnochiona (fennel) has a touch of curry.  Agrumi includes a bright citrus note of orange zest and the Coro Classic, a hint of ginger. 

Named Coro for the Italian word for chorus, flavors are harmonious yet offer an added layer of flavor and complexity to each bite. To a company like Great Ciao where these attributes are key, we had to taste.  And taste again, as we do.

And now, we are happy to announce Coro as a part of the Great Ciao product line!

Born in Seattle, Coro is owned by two moms, makers, and longtime friends, Clara Veniard and Martinique Grigg. Like Ciao hounds, their passion for food drives them to continuously taste, experiment, and imagine new, impossibly delicious flavors. 

Those who know, know; great food is made with great ingredients. Coro uses only all-natural ingredients, ethically sourced. Vegetarian-fed pork is American Humane certified and never, ever treated with antibiotics. Only the highest quality spices are used in each hand-mixed, small batch production. Coro developed their own unique slow-aging process that develops the quality, texture and unique flavor our we love.  Truly slow food for a fast-paced world.

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