Daddy Sam’s Available in 3 Flavors

Way back in 1883, 16-year-old Sam Oglesby got off a stagecoach in Mertzon, Texas, and bought a cowboy hat at the general store. Before long he’d married the pretty young shop clerk who sold it to him and was raising a pack of kids with her on their west Texas ranch. Everyone called him Daddy Sam and everyone loved his Bar-B-Que Sawce. Now you can love it too. 

So how did it become a Minnesota staple? Fast forward to the grandson of Daddy Sam transplanted here to Minnesota. While living here, he missed his beloved sauce so much, he decided to recreate it, bottle it, and developed Daddy Sam’s Original Sawce.

With his two children they launched the brand. Kyle Oglesby, who still resides in Minnesota today, runs the company and has created two more flavors. Carefully nurtured through four generations, Daddy Sam’s recipe is made just like back on the ranch — with all natural ingredients. Three fun flavors to choose from will surely jazz up your next BBQ. Available now at Great Ciao: The Original, Ginger Jalapeno and Salmon & Seafood Glaze.