Imported from Ferme de Jouvence, translated as “Farm of Rejuventation”, a small farmstead dairy located near Versailles, France, this irresistibly creamy Goat Camembert is tangy with a mild goatiness and a smooth buttery finish.  The cheese is soft but not runny, surrounded by a delicate bloomy rind. 

At the edge of the Rambouillet forest, the Ferme de Jouvence raises 130 cows and 600 goats to produce the milk they transform into delicious bloomy-rind cheeses (Brie and Camembert). Most of the feed given to the animals comes from the forage and cereal crops of the farm.  The Jouvence farm employs environmentally sustainable methods. The farm has been ISO 14001 certified since the end of 2006 which ensures that farming is practiced with regard to the environment.