Organically Grown Walnuts from a 5th Generation San Joaquin County Family Farm

This might seem obvious, but after a few years in the business we’ve found that we like working with likable people.  And if they happen to make a great product, well then it’s just gravy.

Founded in 1912, Old Dog Ranch has been in the family for five generations of farming in California’s lush San Joaquin Valley, but was only recently named after the sweet geriatric rescue dogs that call the ranch home.  Mollie is the face of the business at San Francisco’s legendary Ferry Market, where she sells her family’s organic Chandler walnuts, as well as an assortment of seasoned roasted walnuts and nut butters of her own design.  When we complimented Mollie on her beautiful products, she smiled and said something wholly self-effacing: “yeah, my dad’s a really good farmer.”

Chandler walnuts are an older English varietal that were reintroduced to California by the UC Davis School of Agriculture in 2004.  Often, walnuts can be overbearingly high in tannins and have a flavor that is stale-verging-on-rancid.  These, are fresh, low in tannins, and creamy with a fluffy and cloud-like texture.  Our raw walnut halves from Old Dog Ranch are sold by the pound and come in beautiful whole pieces.

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