If Southern foods have got you “grinnin’ like a possum eatin’ a sweet tater,” then we’ve got the best grits to anchor your plate.  Geechie Boy Mill was founded by Greg and Betsy Johnsman in 2003 on Edisto Island, South Carolina.  After purchasing a 3-acre farm, they salvaged a rare antique mill they found in a barn on their property.  The original intent was for the mill to provide entertainment for the customers and children visiting the family farm store.  After experimenting with heirloom corn varietals and perfecting his craft, Greg’s grits were in such high demand that the vegetable farm took a backseat.  Today the Johnsmans grow, harvest, adn mill all of their grits, flours and heirloom grains, which can be found in some of the best restaurants around the United States.  We’ve been sourcing these legendary grits from Greg at Geechie Boy since 2014, and now in addition to the white grits that sell “faster than a hot knife through butter,” we’ve added some lesser known varieties of red and blue heirloom corn grits.