How does Great Ciao decide on a new product or a new producer? Ultimately side-by-side tastings that determine how products compare. The decision to bring on Il Porcellino artisan charcuterie was a massive undertaking. This particular blind tasting included 7 American artisanal producers and over 30 chubs of salumi along with a few well trained palates. The salumi were stripped of their identities and were divided into similar flavor groups. They were graded on appearance, aroma, texture, flavor, and overall likeability. When their identities were revealed, time and time again in every category, Il Porcellino ranked tops. The choice was clear.

Bill Miner, Il Porcellino Founder

In October 2015, Bill Miner opened Il Porcellino butcher and delicatessen in Denver, Colorado. Bill and his team quickly received well deserved high praise and recognition in the community, as well as nationally. By early 2018, Bill was building a new USDA-inspected facility which allows for sales outside of the state. This new production facility is  located in the small town of Basalt, nestled between the mountains of Aspen and Glenwood Springs. The environment is conducive to producing cured meats, as well as access to farmers with heritage breeds of pork.

Orange Pistachio-A Great Ciao Staff Favorite

The pork is raised in Colorado and Nebraska on pasture, with a non-GMO vegetarian diet and no growth hormones or antibiotics. Il Porcellino salumi is still produced in small batches by just 5 employees that hand tie each piece. The flavors are full range from the unique & unexpected to traditional at it’s best: Finocchiona, Lemongrass Szechuan Peppercorn, and Orange Pistachio are just a few. Stocked selections are smaller format 6oz chubs.