Primo is a small, independent jam producer based in Colorado. They love what they do and directly source their ingredients. Jams are made in small batches using mild to spicy peppers. Similar to how a winemaker uses a refractometer to measure brix, Primo tests the sweetness of the fruit prior to making the jam, so that every batch is perfectly sweet and balanced. Each batch is cooked for 2 minutes or less, so that the natural flavors of the fruits really shine and compliment the cheese. Four fabulous flavors in stock now!

Strawberry Ancho has a mild heat with bursting strawberry flavor. Excellent with triple creams, soft ripened cheeses. Ciao Hound Guilty Pleasure: top a little vanilla or strawberry ice cream with this jam!

Blackberry Serrano has a bit more heat and pairs great with harder cheese like Idiazabal, Pleasant Ridge Reserve and Comte.

Raspberry Habanero is the spiciest of all and stunning when served with a bit of goat cheese such as Sofia, Persille de Chevre or even with an aged cheddar such as Shelburne’s 2 year.

Berry Pasilla has a mild heat and a fun mix of red raspberries & Marionberries. Terrific paired with blues, goat cheese and even with little stinkers like Affine au Chablis or Taleggio.