There are so many things to know about finding truffles and most if the information rests with people.  It is a tradition passed along from person to person.  I remember clearly a friend, who wanted to go hunt mushrooms with me, on a specific date and at a specific time.  She was busy and she knew that I had found a good number of mushrooms.  When I tried to explain that there were as many days, or more, that I found no mushrooms and that the chances of us finding any mushrooms on September 8th at six in the morning were not good; she was confused.  I got a similar explanation from Luigi, Adrianno and Pupa, but soon we were all on the same page.

We spent our time in the woods talking about the tradition of truffle hunting and the magic, the mystery and the passion that we all shared for these elusive gems.  For the next few weeks, at least, we will try to cover much of what we talked about.  It might be fun to just talk about Pupa (Babe), a cute dog from a breed commonly used to hunt truffles; the Lagotto Romagno.

  1. The three types of mushroom
    1. Parasitic
    2. Mutualistic
    3. Symbiotic
  2. What determines the size of a truffle?
  3. Why are these dogs so amazing?
  4. How do you determine maturity
  5. How to best extract the aromas to oil?

Stay tuned and start thinking about how you want to use truffles this holiday season.

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