If you have ever been to our warehouse for a cheese tasting, you know that one of our most prized non-edible possessions is our trusty cheese wire.  The Handee Cheese Cutter is the universal standard in the cheese industry, and was a tool of the trade that Katie brought with her from her time as a retail cheesemonger.  It does everything that a knife can do, but better.  It slices through crumbly blues, delicate soft-mold ripened cheeses, tacky washed rind cheeses, and makes clean work of hard, brittle cheeses that would shatter under the pressure of a knife.   This tool is indispensable for quickly portioning out cheeses for plating, and for breaking down larger wheels of cheese that can be dangerous with a knife (here’s looking at you, Mimolette!)

After a few years of joking with our customers that we should sell our fancy cheese wire, we decided to give them a shot.  A few weeks ago we imported our first shipment of Handee Cheese Slicers direct from the UK, nestled between our wheels of Stilton and English Cloth-bound Cheddar from Somerset County.  Each slicer comes with a pack of 12 x 60cm replacement wires.  Additional wire packs will be stocked at Great Ciao for your future needs.  While cheaper plastic bases can be found online, we prefer our sturdier stainless steel version that won’t break when it inevitably gets dropped on the floor, or when the spring loaded action sends it flying across the kitchen by a well-meaning cook.  The cheese wires and bases are NSF approved and can go right through your dishwasher.  Wires typically last a few weeks to a month with heavy use, and only take a few seconds to replace.  The curd-nerds at Great Ciao are familiar with their use and are on-call if you have any questions.