There are a few super-obscure products we’ve sourced over the years that have managed to build up a bit of a cult following.  When we can’t get them, their absence can make even the most even-keeled chef cry foul play.  Unfortunately, these weird little fruits have been held up by U.S. Customs for the last several months, but we are pleased as punch to announce their triumphant return to our warehouse!

Anyways, for the uninitiated…

Truffled dwarf peaches have an amazing bright crisp flavor that is both familiar and surprising to your palate.  The familiar sweet and sour pickle is bolstered by just enough truffle to tease your senses.  The size and texture is familiar; crisp like an olive or cornichon, and the size of a caper berry or Cerignola olive.  Because the fruits are picked young they have no pit and are sweet sour rather than salty in flavor.

In the fall, before winter arrives the farmers pick the unripe peaches, so they do not go to waste. Then, they pickle them in vinegar to conserve the peaches and consume them like any other pickle.  Sulpizio Tartufi added a twist to the product by soaking the peaches in sunflower oil and infusing the oil with the essence of white truffle.

These peaches have just enough truffle flavor to let you know that they are a truffled product, but not so much as to over power the dish that you are using it on. They add a pleasant crunch and acidity to any salad, garnish or condiment and at the same time perfume your dish with the pleasant aroma of truffles.  You can chop them into a vitello tonnato, slice them into a salad, serve them in an aphrodisiacal dirty martini, or just eat them whole when the chef isn’t watching… you can think of more uses than we can.