Casa Madaaio Tozzetti are savory shortbread style biscuits made with Bufala butter. Yes, rich Bufala milk butter from the same rich cream that goes into making your favorite mozzarella and burrata cheese!  From simple ingredients: 00 wheat flour, white wine, buffalo butter and salt, these two-bite-sized nuggets have a delicate aroma, reminiscent of fresh milk, with floral notes, aromatic tones, and a slight aftertaste of almonds. The delicacy of the buffalo butter gives these crackers their unmistakable taste. They are oddly addictive!

Tozzetti are a perfect pairing with a delicate white wine, fresh cheeses and olives. They are a nice a addition to any cheese board.  We like them straight up with just a little Primo Raspberry Habanero Jam!
10.58 OZ EACH   6/case