Imported and Domestic Cheese

Artisan and Farmstead Cheeses from Around the World

Bringing the world of imported and domestic cheese to Minneapolis

Great Ciao directly imports and air-ships cheese to Minneapolis from around the world on a weekly basis. Air-shipping is what makes us unique.  We support farmstead, raw milk, small batch, artisan cheeses wherever possible. We know the combination of air shipping and artisan producers allows us to offer the best quality cheese available in the market.

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Artisan Cheese

Italian Cheese

Fresh Bufala milk Mozzarella and Burrata are air-shipped weekly year-round for the freshest product and longest shelf-life. Parmigiano Reggiano, Robiola, Taleggio, Gorgonzola, Fontina, Alta Langa, Il Forteto, and many others are among our selection.

French Cheese

Air-shipped to us for best flavor and shelf-life, we offer a variety of Bries, bloomy and washed rinds, Roquefort, and Loire Valley chevres from famed producers and affineurs including Rodolphe Le Meunier, Herve Mons, Delphine Carles,and Pascal Beillevaire.

Spanish Cheese

From cheeseboard staple Manchego to lesser known 100% goat milk Payoyo, we love our Spanish Cheeses for their unique flavor profiles and savory goodness.  Among our favorites are wine soaked Buenalba, Smoky Idiazabal, and Monte Enebro.  

English Cheese

Stilton from Colston Basset is a staple at Great Ciao. In addition, we rotate through our inventory special selections of Shropshire and classic Farmhouse Cheddars.  

American Artisan Cheese

Artisan Makers and Affineurs

Excellent cheese comes from great farmers, cheesemakers and affineurs worldwide who have perfected their craft. Great Ciao is proud to carry the best.

Unique Flavor Profiles

Rotating through our selection are cheeses with just that little bit extra. It may be the Rogue River Blue that’s been aged 2 years instead of 1 or the extra-aged Jereboam of Upland’s Pleasant Ridge Reserve.


Unique Recipes

“Flavor First” is our motto and we are always tasting and looking for the best. Great Ciao is the exclusive distributor for Northern Lights Blue made right here in the Twin Cities.