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Cooking staple and flavor booster, food and life are simply better with butter!  French, Italian, Domestic….we offer some of the best butter for cooking, baking, and simply eating.

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Our Featured Butter

Rodolphe Le Meunier Beurre de Baratte

Exquisite cultured butter made from the rich milk of French Normandy cows. Pasteurized cream is churned in the traditional method using a “baratte” then packed by hand in wooden molds to maintain the delicate fat globules.  Salted with Fleur de Sel or Sweet (unsalted) in retail and bulk.


Made in Wisconsin, this unsalted European style butter adds a rich, clean flavor to pastries and creamy sauces. Unlike most domestic butter that contains 80% butter fat, this butter has 83% fat , making it perfect for sautéing, pastries, and croissants. Available in 1 lb and 55 lb blocks.

Roros Norwegian Organic & Cultured

NEW! The first butter to be imported from Norway is now available! The milk is collected from small family farms, cultured and churned slowly over time yielding an 86% butterfat content for a rich and delicious butter. Available salted with Norwegian hand-harvest sea salt or unsalted.

Beillevaire Demi-Sel Croquant

Available by pre-order, salted or unsalted Butter from Beillevaire is made according to “the French” method, using raw cow’s milk churned while the milk is still warm from milking. Crunchy crystals of Fleur de Sel give the salted butter a delicious crunch. Available in retail and bulk.

Grassland Butter Bakers Slabs

Grassland Unsalted Butter Bakers Slabs are ideal for laminating dough. Bakers slabs provide even layers of butter between the dough. Each slab is made with fresh cream to assure flakiness to dough.