Fish and Seafood

Conservas, Tuna, Boquerones and Ventresca

Specialty Fish and Seafood

From the cold waters of the Cantabrian Sea along the northern coast of Galicia, Spain, fish and seafood are preserved using the finest ingredients, including the oils and seasonings that blend with the seafood over time. The preserving process is purposefully done to transform the food into something special.

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Specialty fish and seafood 

Bonito Tuna

Line-caught Bonito Del Norte from Conservas Ortiz, tinned in olive oil, available in a variety of pack sizes for foodservice and retail.


Cantabrian Anchovies are the most appreciated and renowned anchovies worldwide for their meatiness, smooth texture and intense flavor. Balistreri brown anchovy fillets are available packed in resealable jars and other packaging for foodservice and retail.


Noted for their size, authentic Cantabrian white anchovies from Corpaschef are packed in a garlic and parsley vinaigrette made with sunflower oil.  No artificial bleaching treatments. They are available in foodservice and retail pack.


Sardines packed in olive oil from Conservas Ortiz. Matiz Sardines are available in several varieties, packed with lemon, smoked, and with peppers.


A Spanish staple, tinned delicacies from the sea include Marinated Mussels, Cockles, Octopus, and Mackeral from producers Ramon Pena and Matiz.

Ventresca Tuna Belly

White tuna belly in olive oil from Arroyabe, rich, delicate, and sublime.