Couverture Chocolate, Pure Cocoa, Nut and Pralines

Couverture Chocolate

We specialize in the chocolate that pastry chefs and chocolatiers like best. We offer an intense and diversified range of chocolate couverture, pure cocoa based products, nut and praline products, as well as ready-to-use and textural items. Many of our producers offer professional support and development training.

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Specialty Chocolate


From France, a wide selection of feves, pure pastes, and cocoa powder to provide professionals with a large range of chocolate suited to every need. Blended and single origin Grand Cru, Double Fermentation, Gourmet Creations and original Inspiration couverture feves are among our inventory.

Cacao Barry

Cacao Barry has grown across three centuries to craft some of the world’s finest chocolate. We offer the full line of Pistoles, Brut cocoa powder, batons, cocoa butter pistoles, Mycryo powder, Brune Coating and paillete feuilletine. As of October 1st 2020, 100% of Cacao Barry cocoa beans are sustainably sourced.


Callebaut has been crafting fine chocolate in the heart of Belgium for more than 100 years.  White, Bittersweet, Semi-Sweet, Milk, and Callebaut’s original creation Ruby are available in callets or blocks,  all from from 100% sustainable, traceable cacao beans.