Pastry, Baking and Ice Cream Making

Unique ingredients for Unique Desserts

Ingredients for Pastry, Baking and Ice Cream Making

A varied and unique selection of professional grade ingredients for unique pastry creations, ice creams, gelatos, and baked goods.

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Our Featured Ingredients

Vanilla Beans, Extracts and Paste

Premium Grade A Madagascar whole beans are available in bulk. We also offer extracts and pastes from Madagascar, Mexico, and Tahiti, available in bulk and retail packaging.

Whole Nuts and Nut Flours

Almond, Pistachio, Chestnut, and Hazelnut are among the varieties we offer in both flours and whole nuts.

Sugars and Compounds

Demerara, Muscovado, Beghin Say Sugar Grains, and Okinawan Black Cane offer a complex range of sweetness. For stabilization, we offer Trimolene inverted sugar and Glucose Syrup. For topping your creations, Neutral Glaze and Fondant White Icing round out this category.

Nut Pastes

Organic Rigoni di Asiago Nocciolata hazelnut and cocoa paste, along with 100% hazelnut, pistachio and almond pastes are available in bulk. Also available are chestnut puree and spread and black sesame paste.

Fruit, Purees, Syrups and Prepared Pastry Dough

Fruit Puree

Les Boiron Vergers’ broad selection of frozen fruit purées in 100% fruit or with added sugar. They are GMO-free and have no preservatives, additives or thickening agents.

Candied, Frozen and Dried Fruit

Agrimontana candied citrus peel from Italy, candied ginger, IQF frozen and Dried fruits in bulk, along with Mojave gold Raisins on the Vine are included among our selection of fruits. 

Stablizers, Gelatins and Pectin

From gelatin to dextrose, dehydrated glucose syrup to many types of pectin and stabilizers, Louis Francois produces a wide range of products for bread, pastry, chocolate, confectionery, and ice-cream production.

Pastry Shells and Feuilletine

We offer labor saving ingredients to help your bottom line. Frozen tart shells and Brick dough for ease. Pailletes Feuilletine from Cacao Barry’s to add some crunchy texture in desserts, whether sprinkled on top or for a surprising crunchy center.