Oils and Vinegars

Sourced from around the world

Hand-crafted oils and vinegars

Our expansive variety of oils and vinegars come from artisan producers around the world. Authentic aged Balsamic Vinegars of Modena including our own Great Ciao proprietary blend, Wine and Fruit vinegars, Extra Virgin Olive Oils, Nut oils and Cooking oils are among our wide selection.

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Extra Virgin Olive Oils

We offer the finest extra virgin olive oils from artisan producers in Italy, France, Spain, Greece, and Morrocco. Having personally visited many of these producers, we know they are true.  We strive to offer only current harvest oils in order to bring you the freshest possible product. Novello oils are available to order in season.

Cooking Oils

Available in bulk containers for food service, our variety includes Grapeseed, single variety Extra Virgin Olive oils and Olive Oil blends, and Clear Valley Premium Fryer oil.

Nut and Seed Oils

Healthy, flavorful alternatives to olive oils, our inventory includes oils from walnuts, pistachios, walnuts, pumpkin and mustard seeds, to name a few. 

Truffle Oils

Fragrant and decadent, we offer Selezione white and black truffle oils, in larger food service bottles and smaller retail bottles.

Artisan Vinegars

Great Ciao Signature Balsamic

Our proprietary blend of balsamic vinegar took 3 years of tasting and conversing with Italy to decide on just the right flavor profile. Aged in both cherry and juniper woods, it is rich and thick with bright berry notes and undertones of juniper on the finish.  Available in retail and food service bottles.  

Balsamic Vinegar

We’re proud to offer an extensive selection of aged Tradizionale and Condimento balsamics from classic producers in Modena, Italy such as Leonardi, Giusti, Elsa, Masserie, and Cattani. Also available are White Balsamic, Truffle Balsamic, Saba and Vin Cotto.

Wine Vinegar

Red and white wine, Sherry, Cava, Vermouth and Verjus from Italy, France and Spain are available in food service and retail sizes.

Fruit Vinegar

Bright, fruit forward vinegars from Hulierie Beaujolais including Calamansi, Mengazzoli Apple Cider Condimela, Peyrey Prune d’Ente, Golles Tomato, and Tremayne Malt are among our inventory.