Specialty Foods

Olives, Jams, Nut Pastes and Confections

Olives, Jams, Nut Pastes and Confections

Some of our house favorites reside in this category of specialty foods from beautiful and delicious confections, specialty jams, and savory olives.

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Olives, Jams, Pastes and Spreads


We offer a large selection of fresh, unpasteurized olives in bulk from France, Spain, Italy and Greece.  We also offer a variety of shelf-stable, retail packaged olives.

Fruit Jams and Spreads

“Fruit first” is our motto, selecting jams and spreads that are fruit forward with just enough sugar and little to no pectin. Rigoni Fior di Frutta Organic Spreads, Primo Chili Preserves and Agrimontana are among our selection.

Whole Preserved Fruits and Pastes

Moulins Mahjoub Preserved Lemons, Dried Door County cherries and White Dottato Figs, authentic Guava and Quince pastes are among the variety of specialty fruits in our inventory.

Hazelnut Pastes

To us, nut pastes should have a high percentage of nuts, no palm oil, and not be overly sweet to have the best flavor. Rigoni Organic Nocciolata, available in retail and bulk, and Tastelange Crema Nocciolo are included in our selection.


French Confections

Acclaimed confiseur Francois Doucet creates remarkable confections in four categories: pralines, pâtes de fruits, fruit pastes and fruits enrobés. 

American Confections

Small batch Mayana Chocolates from Spooner, Wisconsin are out-of-this-world hand-crafted bars with bombastic flavor combinations.  

Swedish Confections

Who knows Swedish fish better than the Swedish?  Malmo, Sweden’s Kolsvart makes confections with pure and natural ingredients in distinct flavors. Vegan and gluten-free.

Spanish Confections

No one can resist handmade Catànies.  Created by Josep Cudié, Marcona almonds are covered in exquisite white praline and then a final covering of the highest quality cocoa powder.