Specialty Cured and Fresh Meats

The finest imported and locally-sourced meats and charcuterie.

Specialty Meat Importer and Distributor

Charcuterie from small producers around the globe using quality, heritage breed meats from small producers that employ traditional methods in modern settings.  Fresh Moulard and Alina duck and foie gras.

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Specialty Cured And Fresh Meats

Prosciutto, Jamon, Speck and Country Ham

Devodier traditional Proscuitto di Parma aged 720 days, Prosciutto San Daniele, and Recla Speck. Our dry-cured hams also include pasture raised Jamon Iberico de Bellota  from Monteraz and Fermin and domestic dry-cured country hams.

American Artisan Salumi and Pepperoni

We stock charcuterie from small batch producers using heritage breed meats slowly cured. Our inventory includes Smoking Goose, Il Porcellino Salumi, Tempesta, Red Bear Provisions, and Ezzo Sausage Company.

Ham and Mortadella

Leoncini Italian cooked hams or parmacotto and Mortadella with pistachios.

Chorizo and Lomo

The classics from Spain from makers Palacios and Fermin.  Lomo Iberico di Bellota is also available from Marcos.

Pancetta and Guanciale

Beloved pork fat gently salted and cured from traditional Italian recipes. Producers include Smoking Goose and Leoncini.

Coppa and Bresaola

Sweet and Piccante Coppa from Tempesta Artisan Salumi. Spruce Tip Bresaola from Smoking Goose.

Pates and Terrines

Our line-up from Fabrique Delices features classic French charcuterie including pates, duck leg confit, and smoked duck breasts. We also distribute pork-free pates from Red Bear Provisions.

Duck & Foie Gras

Foie Gras, whole livers or pieces, and Magret breasts and legs are available fresh and frozen from Au Bon Canard and LaBelle Farms.