Beans and Grains

Authentic Rice, Grits, Polenta, and Tarbais Beans

Premium Beans and Grains

Our warehouse is stocked with a variety of dried beans, rice, grits, polenta, and 00 flour for foodservice and retailers. We strive for estate grown where possible for the best flavor and texture.

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Beans and Grains

Grits and Cornmeal

From Edisto Island South Carolina, Marsh Hen Mill home grown, hand milled, white and yellow grits and cornmeal.


Estate grown vintage Carnaroli rice from Agricola Zaccaria makes perfect risotto, Bomba and Valencia Rice for paella from Matiz, and nutty, fragrant Carolina Rice from Marsh Hen Mills are among the many varieties we offer.


We stock both white and yellow polenta in a variety of grinds and styles. Whether it’s traditional long cooking coarse ground polenta or more finely ground, quicker cooking grinds.

Flours and Semolina

Atypical flours for unique recipes we offer Caputo 00 flour and Semolina for pasta and pizza, Farro flour, Teff, and nut flours.


Beans and Legumes

Authentic Tarbais beans for Cassoulet, Gigante beans, dried and canned, and Lentils duPuy are among the varieties we stock.

Whole Grains

Ancient heritage Farro (Emmer Wheat) is estate grown at Casino di Caprafico in Italy.  It is available in 1 kg packages.